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Construction Management

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Construction Project Management is a professional service that involves the use of specialised project management techniques to oversee the planning, feasibility, design and construction of a project from its beginning to its end.  In this way Construction Management controls and delivers the project’s time, cost and quality targets.

Prior to the start of construction, the planning, feasibility and design stages of a project are all important.  Oliver James Construction is able to offer a complete Construction Management service in order to manage these aspects of a project on behalf of the client.  This service allows clients to obtain professional assistance well before the construction process starts, bringing with it major potential benefits in terms of more accurate planning and the elimination of problems that can occur during construction.

Construction Management brings your idea or vision into tangible reality.  Oliver James Construction is well versed in the use of the latest tools and techniques and has the experience, knowledge, expertise and contacts to deliver your desired outcome.

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